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This page provides a collection of materials, tools, and resources that we have created to help IPV survivors, support workers, and technologists discover and address tech-related risks.


All of our resources are free to download and use. We use many of them as part of our Computer Security Clinic for IPV survivors in New York City. 

Our step-by-step how-to guides can be especially useful for providing help remotely.


Step-by-step How-to Guides

Tech Clinic Consultation Protocol

What is it? 

This document covers the steps that we follow in our clinic consultations. It lists the set of tasks that a volunteer follows when meeting with a client. Some of these tasks refer to the other materials provided on our research website (for example, the TAQ, the ISDi software, and the Technograph). 

Technology Assessment Questionnaire (TAQ)

What is it? 

The Technology Assessment Questionnaire (TAQ) is a set of questions that can help a clinic volunteer or support worker identify and prioritize possible tech abuse problems. 




What are they? 

Our privacy checkup guides provide step-by-step instructions for checking the privacy of a client's devices and accounts.

IPV Spyware 


Tool (ISDi)

What is it? 

Our ISDi software is a Python application that can scan iOS (Apple) or Android devices for the kinds of apps used in IPV tech abuse. It is designed to be minimally invasive and does not require installing any applications on the client's device(s).


What is it? 

The Technograph is a visual map that helps volunteers and support workers sort out relationships between (1) devices, (2) accounts, and (3) people (usually the client’s family). Making this map provides a clearer picture of potential sources of problems.




What is it? 

The app classification guide explains various types of apps that abusers can use to monitor or otherwise harm survivors or others. For example, "dual-use apps" can have both legitimate and harmful uses.

Law &

Policy Reform

Our Work for Broader Change 

Here, you can find links to some of our proposals for law and policy changes to protect survivors in New York and nationwide. 

Coming soon

Computer security and privacy for survivors of intimate partner violence

Clinic to End Tech Abuse