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  • Our role in advocating for the Safe Connections Act was discussed in the Guardian


  • Family cell phone plans can help abusive partners and ex-partners stalk and monitor domestic violence survivors. We wrote a letter to Congress co-signed by tech privacy and anti-abuse organizations calling for a new law to address this problem nationwide, and talked to Wired about the problem. Read more > 

  • We wrote to the UN's top expert on violence against women in June 2020 to draw attention to the problem of technology-enabled abuse during the COVID-19 crisis. Read more >

  • To help New York City survivors during the COVID-19 crisis, we've successfully moved to remote services. Read more >

  • We explained tech abuse risks for domestic violence survivors during the COVID-19 crisis to Axios in May 2020. Read more >

  • Cornell Tech's research on tech-enabled abuse was highlighted in Wirecutter in April 2020. Read more >

  • We've started testing new trainings for domestic violence support workers who want to learn more about account privacy – and how to find signs of tech abuse.

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  • New York has a state law allowing survivors of domestic violence to leave family phone, cable, and satellite TV plans for free. Abusive partners can misuse family plans to monitor survivors. Go to the law >

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